I am planning on the book club to take place of the lecture series. We will be reading as a group 1 book a month selected by me.  The idea is that the goalkeepers will be reading the same books that I read to compile the information used in the lectures. This will have a few benefits: Accountability - they are responsible to read the book, Interpretation - as they read they will be interpreting the information internally based on their experiences, Accessibility - even though I hosted the lectures in three different geographic locations. They weren't always accessible to everyone.

To join the book club the first step is to download the GroupMe app

The GroupMe app will be used for the group to communicate. I will be reading the books (again) along side the goalkeepers. As I read I will be posting questions to the group. The expectation is that the goalkeepers will be engaged and have a dialog with the group within the app. This adds to the accountability side.

The next step is to sign up to join the GroupMe Elite Keeper Academy Book Club group chat that I have set up. To do so enter your name and phone number below and you will get an invite from me to join the group

Fill out my online form.
The next step is to purchase the book. April's book is What Drives Winning
This book is not available through Amazon. It can be purchased through his website at www.whatdriveswinning.com

You can purchase it any way you want, but I will offer the books when available through an Amazon Affiliate link (see below) I will announce the next months book during the 3rd week of the month. Everyone in the group will get an email and the link to purchase the book will be updated. Once I announce the next book I will have a drawing to give away the following months book. To participate in the drawing you must be an active participant in the group chat.

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