Parent and Player Lecture Series
During the 2016/17 Winter I will be hosting a series of lectures to educate the parent and players in different topics needed to reach their potential as a goalkeeper. These are topics I came up based on my experience and conversations with elite coaches from around the country and other countries that are critical skills needed to be successful at the higher levels.

March - Leadership Lecture
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March 28th Lecture will be held in the Symposium Lecture Room at:
The Concorde Inn
44315 Gratiot Ave
Clinton Twp, MI 48036
Time: 6:30-8PM

March 29th lecture will be held in the meeting room of:
Revolution Training Center
42480 Merrill Rd
Sterling Heights, MI 48314
Time: 6:30-8PM

March 30th lecture will be held in the meeting room of:
Ultimate Soccer Arena
867 South Blvd
Pontiac, MI 48341
Time: 7:45-9:15PM

The schedule will be:
November - Goalkeeper Development
In this lecture we will talk a little about the history of Elite Keeper Academy, why we do what we do, how we do it, how skill is acquired, why repetition is so important, the learning process, why a consistent technical training program is so important, different types of training sessions, and samples of teaching or training sessions.
I think if parents and players had a better understanding of "why" they are doing what they are doing they would value the process more. We will be presenting an in depth look at the research behind the programming and sessions to ensure we are providing the best environment to develop goalkeepers to reach their potential.

January - Mental Skills Development for Goalkeepers
In this lecture we will talk about different aspects of the mental skills required to be a successful goalkeeper:
Mental toughness and what it means
Basic Skills - long term development
Preparatory skills - immediate preparation for performance
Performance skills - during competition
The goal is to build awareness and give information and ideas to improve these skills

February - Goal setting
In this lecture we will discuss the mentality of setting goals, issues kids need to solve to reach their goals, the ideal gk and self evaluation, and how to create an individual development plan.
"A goal without a plan is just a wish" - Antoine De Saint-Exupery
The goal is to educate players on the importance of goal setting and how to create a plan.

March - Leadership
A skill that is needed within teams to be successful. This is a critical skill that is required of goalkeepers at the higher levels. In this lecture we will discuss what is leadership, risks, rewards and responsibilities of a leader, lead by example and vocal leaders, why relationships are important, team dynamics and how to move between the stages.
The goal is to educate players what leadership is give them ideas of how to be a leader within their team.

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