Camp Philosophy
In the modern game the goalkeeper plays a major role on the team.  For this reason, this position requires particular care and attention.  At Elite Keeper Academy we believe in combining actual game situations with individual technical training to create the key environment to further develop your skills. Our activities are selected very carefully so the first activities isolate a technique to give the goalkeeper maximum reps with while giving the staff teaching opportunities. Our curriculum is designed to improve the overall technical and tactical skills of the beginning as well as the advanced goalkeeper.

What sets us apart from everyone else?

Education -
I have obtained the highest goalkeeper licenses of both licensing organizations available, USSF National Goalkeeping License and NSCAA Advanced National Goalkeeping Diploma, which enables me to train other coaches and create the most appropriate curriculum for my goalkeepers development. Not only do I value the goalkeeper specific education, but to develop high level goalkeepers you also need to be able to teach the game and replicate game situations in training.

 - USSF National B License
 - NSCAA Premier Diploma
 - USSF National Goalkeeping License
 - NSCAA Advanced National Goalkeeping Diploma
 - NSCAA Goalkeeping Educational Staff

 Experience - Being a current coach involved in the Division 1 men's college game along with my past roles at previous schools both men's and women's and at various levels in the college game. I bring to the youth athlete what works at the higher levels and we teach to that standard. We don't allow the athletes train habits that they can get away with at the youth level but won't and don't at the higher levels.

 - University of Detroit Mercy Men's Assistant Coach
 - Former Men's Assistant Coach at Marygrove College - NAIA
 - Former Men's and Women's Assistant Coach at the University of Michigan - Division 1
 - Former Men's and Women's Assistant Coach at Rochester College - NAIA

 Curriculum - We have a proven curriculum that teaches and develops goalkeepers to play at the highest level that their physical abilities, soccer IQ, and commitment allows. 
 - See alumni page

 Environment - We bring together competitive goalkeepers from various local clubs that have the same goals. This creates a healthy competitive training environment where they can bond with like minded kids. We also have enough goalkeepers where we can put them in age appropriate groups so we can teach the proper techniques and tactics at the appropriate ages.

US Soccer Age Specific Development Program

We create an environment where goalkeepers aren't afraid to make mistake and challenge themselves to get better. We use the guided discovery teaching method which engages the goalkeepers to find the answers themselves either technically or tactically. 

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Keith at the University of Michigan. He has a great eye for identifying key technical and tactical needs for our goalkeeper’s development. He has a strong background in goalkeeper training
and puts together training sessions that will maximize a player’s development. Keith is not a screamer, rather, he is an educator. It is easy for players to take constructive criticism and receive positive comments from Keith because of his genuine and easy-going personality.”

Greg Ryan
, Head Women’s Coach at U of M and former Head Coach for the US Women’s National Team

 We create an environement that builds confidence in the goalkeeper. Because of the use of guided discovery, the curriculum, the selection of the activities, and the coaching points they receive the goalkeepers will become more competent and confident.